Thursday, 2 June 2011

bad day

ugh today has been shit.... so... went work... had a bad day with hangover. got pretty wasted last night. and then got home and matt was a jerk to me ...  fot a txt from chris ( hes in hospital with 2nd stage aids and now got ceptaceamia and his infections markers are through the roof ) ... saying he worried and alone. he been admitted onto differant ward and on critical. so rushed off to see hime. spent 4 hours sitting with him. managed to get him to play wee game of monopoly.. he won... lol...

then next thing he spikes a temp of 40 plus and just complete arghh.  ended up having to leave  but i feel terrible for him. and come home and matt is feeling guilty cause saw me upset and i just want him to fuck off.

so having a drink... may end up being too many.. but i dont give a toss.. i want to get fakurd!

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