Tuesday, 26 April 2011

just a fucked up poem...

Sometimes i sit in silence
And think of what could of been
Where i kept my innocence
And didn’t need to bleed
Then i realise im dreaming
And good ones never come true
Instead im left alone screaming
In the hell im forced through

Sometimes i think of dying
thoughts that forever linger
But i just end up crying
Face screwed up in anger
Anger thats internal
Pulsating through my bones
Im buried deep in this inferno
Burning ... and alone

Now the drink touches my lips
And slips slowly down my throat
Once again this devil dips
trapping my thoughts in a coat
Its got pockets inside and out
And made of a protective armour
Now each glass i cannot count
And im slipping farther and farther

The walls creep closer
Swaying and blurring
Mimicking my behaviour
This war is only stirring
A battle will ensue
scars will be made
And as my body turns blue
Youl see my body is slayed

May i rest in peace
On this cold bathroom floor
And slowly peice by piece
Steadily drift up and through the door
To a place free from pain
From anger and fear
And all thats left is a stain
The remains of red tears

Pete x

1 comment:

  1. I read this not that your gone and i cant even compose myself...this shit sucks real bad....im hurtin lot of ppl are over ur death...aches each month tht passes..i cnt even believe this...love yeso much..miss ye with everything i have...xoxoxo